Ultimate Data Safeguard Guide For Facebook Users

This is the Ultimate Data Safeguard Guide for facebook users educating them towards privacy and security features facebook offers

Ultimate Data Safeguard Guide For Facebook Users

Why You Should Read It?

Facebook has billions of users and is easily accessible even in most of the remote areas. So many people are connected to their families because of facebook's ease of access approach and the goodwill and trust they gained over the years. With that being said, We own our data and we have control over it and we should be wise enough to protect it. We should learn and teach ourselves and others on how they can make their facebook experience safer rather than indulging in some corporate-political campaign. You can't just keep on running away from every platform which is suspected of stealing and selling data. All you can do is educate yourself and safeguard it to the maximum.

For NaySayers

For those who says they don't need to protect anything and it doesn't matter and nothing happens: If you don't care about privacy and security of your own data which in Facebook's case is purely likes and preferences of an individual (what flavor of ice cream you like or where you like spending your time {basic psychological impulses and habitual preferences} etc) then you might as well make your bank credentials public too.

If you want to make your Facebook experience more secured and panic-free then you should get these things done as a favor to yourself.

What could be done?

We don't have control over how data is being kept, recorded and shared by facebook associates but what we have control over is what data should be given and how it is shared among your facebook community which includes friends, family and others. We can also put other security layers over our accounts as better safeguard measures.

In Short : A lot can be done.

How to do it?

I'll be guiding you on how to use and benefit from all the safeguard measures facebook provides. I have also divided the guide in bits and pieces so that you can easily follow along without getting lost in the ultimate wall of text.

So login and follow through.
1. Privacy
2. Security and Login Coming Soon
3. General Suggestions Coming Soon
4. Applications Suggestions Coming Soon

Why is it Important?

With increasing dependence on social media it has not only become important but has also become crucial to safeguard what is ours which is our own identifiable information. Facebook does not only have our identifiable information, they also have data regarding basic psychological impulses i.e what we like to hear and watch and then facebook's algorithm with keep on