Must Have - Addons - Chrome - More Security Centric

I have listed addons which helps in providing more safe secured browsing experience for those who don't like compromising on the security and safety.

Must Have - Addons - Chrome - More Security Centric

Must Have - Addons - Chrome - 2018 Edition

As you have guess by now this is an addition to pre-written article for security paranoid who are still not satisfied with lightweight decent protection. This is for those who wants to be the ninja while doing "research" 😉


Here are some more

  1. Stealth - Created by AdGuard, It prevents your personal info from leaking. It blocks trackers and are regularly updated. It removes client headers, disables cache, hides user-agent, blocks 3rd party cookies, hides IP, removes ETags etc.

  2. Redmorph Browser Controller - This is a new addon which is a content filter, Tracker blocker and they also provide encrypted proxy. They block web-beacons, trackers, unwanted cookies etc. The addon happen to use least resources among the competition.

  3. minerBlock - Its an anti-miner for your chrome to block script based miners which runs on websites using your device's resources. It blocks mining scripts and it works, what more could you ask for? Oh and did I mention that they claim to block behavioral
    based proxied inline mining scripts? Seems to work for me.

  4. Nano Defender - Works perfect for me in combination with Ublock Origins. It is anti-anti-adblock. Simply put, It blocks scripts which blocks websites from being accessed by those who chose to live ad free life by choosing to use an ad blocker.

  5. Inline Install Blocker - This is something new and if you are too deep into research 😉 Then this is an addon you have dreamt of. It blocks those scripts and popups which kept on opening themselves unless or until they have installed an extension or tries to sneak an extension into your browser (like homepage hacking inline installers, etc).

  6. ScriptSafe - Ever used NoScript on firefox? This is it for chrome. It blocks all scripts you want it to block. This is a must have addon on some sites but its not for everyone. If you don't know what you are doing then you can break websites and make them behave weird.

Happy safe researching!!!