Security and Privacy - Overview

Get a better understanding what Security and privacy means and how they are related and how often they are mistook for each other

Security and Privacy - Overview


Data is anything which is valuable. Anything which hold a value for either a company or any individual is often considered as data. It could be cat pictures or facebook login/logout time or literally anything. It varies from person to person

Security v/s Privacy

Security and privacy is often mistook for one another and is often used incorrectly even by many professionals working in security and privacy related fields. In this article, you will understand what security and privacy means and how they are related. Lets get to it


What is Security

Security also means Protection. When we talk about security we mean protection and the only thing that changes in the context is the object that is being protected. In physical world, Security is related to protection of something valuable which could mean life or diamond or boritos though In computing context, security often means data security. Now when we talk about Internet security we mean protecting our Identity and other sensitive data related to it which could be document files stored on PC on network or anything in this context.

Lets move on to privacy now


What is privacy

Privacy also mean identity or collection of facts and figures which can be used to uniquely identify who a particular individual is. Such collection of data could be anything such as name, gender, nationality, ethnicity, race, DNA, picture and birth-mark etc. Collection of such facts and figures regarding an individual is what referred as data.

Relation of Security and Privacy

These terms are married to each other way before than we can imagine. Before when money wasn't invented I imagine food was the primary thing which was kept secured and location(which could be a drawer, closet or whole damn barn) of it private.

In Today world, Identity of a person has become IP addresses, social accounts, Geo-locations, timings, Bank credentials, phone number in addition to the traditional facts and figures which i stated above with a few extras which i am definitely forgetting or missing out to add here. Where as privacy is what factors are collected by the websites/companies and how are these factors collected i.e anonymously or labeled and how is it shared with them/partners or with others/rest of the world. Security of it mean it should not get lost or corrupted. This is how they are related to each other and this information about individuals gives power to companies in various activities

In short Privacy is how data is collected and shared where as security is how data is kept and maintained.