Must Have - Addons - Chrome - Security Centric

Must have addons to create lightweight security centric chrome build to get decent overall protection.

Must Have - Addons - Chrome - Security Centric

Must Have - Addons - Chrome - 2018 Edition

So alot of people asks me which addons I use when I fresh install a browser.

Here is the Answer

  1. Cookie Auto Delete - Now the very basic thing website uses to track user and user's data is cookies. They usually live in your browser for like 30 days. So websites can use cookie's data to track clicks and history, Even account info and session. This add-ons comes in handy, as its name says, It automatically deletes cookies after a certain time like a minute or hour or you can just set it to delete to cookies right after you close the tab or tabs related to a certain website. You can find it here : Cookie Auto-Delete link.

  2. Decentraleyes - Now many websites rely on 3rd party content delivery systems which tracks user's data and profit from it via advertising or other means which can bombard your web experience with irrelevant and intrusive ads or links. The Description of the add-on in add-on store itself is accurate and concise. It says

" The aim of this add-on is to cut-out the middleman by providing lightning speed delivery of local (bundled) files to improve online privacy. "

Here where you can get it : Decentraleyes Link

  1. Https Everywhere - Https is basically http (normal websites) with added secured layer of ssl (Secured version of normal websites). It only means that your data is transmitted to the website over secured network. It is needed to have access and to have Https enabled website. You can get it from : HTTPS Everywhere

  2. Click&Clean - You can literally delete every trace of your history with it just like ccleaner. So why is it useful over Ccleaner you may ask, Well it can prevent to history page of your browser which can give you an extra layer of privacy. It is also useful in cleaning every trace when you are using portable browsers which Ccleaner fails to recognize and clean. You can also set it to clean after exit even if you have set the same in your browser's settings to give you extra edge. Here is the link for it : Click&Clean

  3. Privacy Settings - Now this is an add-on i personally love as it allows you to change browser settings from a simple non-intrusive pop-up pane. If you are a mozilla firefox enthusiast then you already know about "about:config" in firefox. Same kind-of browser settings are available in almost every browser and chrome is no different. You can modify such privacy/security related browser settings with this add-on without needing to open new tab or leaving existing tab. You can get it from here : Privacy Settings

  4. uBlock Origin - This is one the best add-ons i have come across. Kudos to Raymond for developing this for us and making life easier. It blocks Ads, Trackers, Bad-Websites, Click Tracking, Mixed Resources, Fonts and you can also add custom rules to it as well. It works on filters & rules and Its customizable and is light on memory too. Here is the link to it : uBlock Origin

These are the addon which I never skip when building a security centric chrome profile.

Happy Secured Surfing!!!